40W Folding Sloar Laptop Charger


  • Built-in a unique, universal solar laptop & mobile phone controller.
  • High conversion efficiency over 93% of solar charger controller vs 70% – 80% conversion efficiency in the market.
  • Can charge laptops directly without power bank or inverter, with 12V/16V/19V adjustable.
  • Anti-reverse connection and auto current limitation. Auto-recovery in case protected.
  • Can plug in iPhone iPad and other USB compatible mobile devices via 5V USB port.
  • Pouch to hold power banks, phones and other accessories.
  • 30w 40w 50w 60w available.
  • Black, camoflage, brown and more colors.
  • Perfect for outdoor operation and outdoor activities, including outdoor data collection, farming, geological survey, archeology, meteorological forecasting, fishing, mining, oil drilling, military application, as well as hiking, camping and traveling etc.
  • Fashion, energy-saving, environmental-friendly.
  • OEM ODM. Laptop output port can be customized to any output voltage (or any three voltages) less than 21V.